About Me

Heisann and welcome to my Tech Corner!

I’m Kris and I have created this blog to share tech and less-tech stuff with the rest of the world 😸

I’m a techie from Norway and I’m currently working as a platform engineer. I love learning new things and sharing my journey and experiences with others, which is the reason why I’m doing a bunch of diverse community work and have become what I call a “tech community octopus” 😸

If you would like to have a chat about cloud native, Kubernetes, green tech, Azure, AppSec/DevSecOps or cats, don’t be shy and drop me a message!

I strongly believe that contributing to making this world a better place by volunteering is something all of us should consider doing, therefore being a volunteer is a big part of my life. Both when it comes to contributing back to tech community and non-profit organizations making a crucial positive impact in other areas of our life on this planet.

💖 Heartful thanks to all of you who are donating and supporting the work I do in the community - YOU help me help others and together we’re making great deeds for the good of this planet. Currently $480 went to support animal shelters and you may find the receipts here: Donation Receipts

🙌 If you would like to say thanks or support what I’m doing in the community, help me help animals in need by donating through the Buy Me a Coffee page - 100% of contributions go to support animal shelters.

On a personal note, I love reading books, photography, puzzles, board games, drawing and hiking. I am an active supporter of sustainability in tech and outside of it, and animal welfare. I’m #VeganInTech and an eager nature addict as well - photo below was taken in Oslofjord area, one of the most known inlets in the Eastern Norway, which is known for a multitude of idyllic towns and villages that are full of exploration opportunities for the tourists.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Check out the blog and tech tips section and stay tuned for the coming updates 🤗

Photo of myself on a mountain trip